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Monday, September 22, 2014

Sorry the blog hasn't been happening!

So, as you might have noticed, I didn't do a single blog post last week. It has become quite difficult to keep up with a daily post. When I started this blog I had envisioned the students being responsible for posting a couple of times a week, but that has been very hard to accomplish. So I am doing my best to get to it as often as I can. If you check the blog nightly to be sure of homework assignments, please let me know so that I can initial your child's planner, or we can come up with another plan to make sure you know what the homework assignments are.
On Monday we finished up a science lab that we started on Friday. The students found the mass, weight, circumference, height, volume, and density of an apple.
Then we put all of the apples in a basket and the students attempted to pick their apple out again. They again determined the various properties of the apple to see if they guessed right.
About 50% of the students were able to find the same apple again. Then they got to eat them!
These are our elected classroom student council representatives, Annabel Baldwin and Mayson Hackney!
Last week we had a great time at the garden.
The students enjoyed checking out the oven.
and had a delicious snack.
We did an experiment in math, determining student's reaction times.

We then plotted their reaction time with their left hand and their right.

I found a free aquarium on Craigslist so I got it for our classroom and bought a few fish. The first day we had the fish one of them died and about 20 babies were born. The circle of life, right in our own classroom.
And Thelma and Louise have been reunited with their mother, Alice.
The boys and girls can now purchase a "degu pass" with the money they have earned. This will allow them to have 20 minutes with the degus in their exercise pen (if they are finished with all of their work of course). Mayson was very happy to be in with the degus.
So was Evan.
I look forward to seeing all of you at conferences tonight and tomorrow!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Student Council

Today we had student council elections. Nayana ran for Secretary,
and Cody ran for President. They both did an excellent job with their speeches! It took a lot of courage to stand up in front of everyone like that!
My daughter, Hazel, ran for Vice President.
Our new class officers are:
President: Avery Wright
Vice President: Hazel Smith (yay!)
Secretary: Hailey Melvin
Reporter: Allie Kibel
Treasurer: Ameena Hobbs
Both Annabel and Josh have birthdays tomorrow! Annabel brought in delicious Rice Krispie treats that looked like watermelon slices. Yum! Happy birthday!!!


And, in degu news, now that Hunter and his dad made a new tray for the bottom of the cage, we used the old tray for the second level. It's difficult to see in the photo, but Ben and his dad cut a hole in it so it could work with the ramp. (Yes, I know, I know, they are the most spoiled rodents in history. But we really love them!)
I apologize about potential homework for the long weekend, but there were a lot of interruptions this week and some things just didn't get done! Please note that the read and respond and the journal are both due on Monday. Thanks so much and have a great weekend!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Great Cornstarch Explosion!

Annabel Baldwin wrote up our Cornstarch Explosion Lab from yesterday:


step 1 question: what will happen when cornstarch is mixed with fire?

step 2 hypothesis: I think that when cornstarch mixes with fire that the flame will get larger.

step 4 plan: to do this experiment we will need to blow cornstarch intoa propane torch and see what will happen. we will need a lighter, a propane torch, cornstarch, gloves, safety goggles,fire extinguisher, and a piece of paper.

step 5 analyze: the results of the experiment are that the cornstarch only reacts when blown into the fire. Why does that happen? Well, if you blow the cornstarch into the air there is oxygen with the cornstarch and oxygen is needed for fire. And yes my hypothesis was corrrect because the cornstarch made the fire expand.


Unfortunately, our magnificent photographer neglected to take a picture of the explosion :(

We had garden class again yesterday! The kids cleaned and peeled garlic to bring over to Chuck in the cafeteria,
made beet salad,
and repotted plants
Today there were some construction issues so we had whole group reading and social studies class outside. It was a beautiful day for it!
Many of the students were delighted to see Miss Dawn back at the school today.
We are reading a story in whole group reading called "Pipiolo and the Roof Dogs", about small dogs who live on the roof. I brought in a photo of my own small dogs, Olive and Jo, to show the class. I have asked them to please bring in photos of their own dogs tomorrow to share with the class.


Here are today's assignments.
I hope everyone is having a great week!





Friday, September 5, 2014



The big news today is that Annabel and Nayana were the first two students to get on the AR wall! Yay!!!
The students received paychecks again today and had the opportunity to cash checks and deposit their money into "The Bank of Smith".


In degu news, Thelma and Louise received a gift, a new wheel, which they love. We were all entertained by watching them.



And Kira purchased a degu pass today and got to hang out with them in their pen.
(I promise we don't just hang out with the degus all day; we do actually work.)


Thursday, September 4, 2014



Yesterday we shared our bedroom maps with the class.


And we let the degus get some exercise in their pen.


We started talking about lab safety in science, to prepare for some of our upcoming experiments.
Today we got to go to garden for the first time this year! It was so fun and we love Miss Megan.



We chose garden names. Here they are:
mint mayson
chammomile kamri
sunflower seth
mallow caleb
carrot cody
watermelon wilderson
cantaloupe kira
apple annabel
josh squash
jalepeno hunter
salamander smith
bass ben
insane layne
wax wyatt
jackrabbit justys
mushroom morgan
eggplant evan

Hunter and his dad made an amazing tray for the bottom of the degu cage. THANK YOU so much!!! It is awesome. (Though we may have to ask you for another one before the end of the year because Thelma and Louise love to chew on it!)



Some of us also got to feed them today.


These are the objectives for our lessons today.


This is our homework.


And these are the missing assignments.
Hope everyone's doing well!